Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacramento Public Policy Foundation is to:

  • * Undertake philanthropic activities for the benefit of the community at large in the Sacramento area;

  • * Conduct research, perform studies, collect data, and provide public discussion forums, activities, and conferences to educate the public about municipal issues of community interest in the Sacramento area, such as homelessness, arts funding, volunteerism and the environment; and

  • * Provide financial support and propose policies, plans, and programs to better address such identified Sacramento area municipal issues.

About Us


The Sacramento Public Policy Foundation (SPPF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all residents of the City of Sacramento. Working in partnership with civic and municipal leaders, such as Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, and under the direction of our Board of Directors, SPPF is undertaking several local initiatives to address key municipal challenges and help make the City of Sacramento a better place to live and work.

Our goal is to help make Sacramento a world-class city by providing the policy expertise, attention and resources needed to resolve many of the municipal issues that confront our growing community. SPPF's initiatives include addressing homelessness, improving arts funding, making Sacramento a greener city, and facilitating the development of a modern sports and entertainment complex.

The work of SPPF is overseen by our volunteer Board of Directors.

SPPF's chairman is Fred Hiestand. He is an attorney and has long worked in the field of tort reform. Our Vice Chairman is Tracy Stigler. He is a consultant in the field of commercial real estate development and a member of the State Bar of Arizona. He also serves on the board of St. HOPE Public Schools. Cassandra H.B. Jennings is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation. She works for the City of Sacramento and serves on a number of boards, including the Board of Directors of the Golden 1 Credit Union.