Current Projects

Think Big Sacramento
Think Big Sacramento is a regional initiative launched by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to create jobs, economic growth, cultural development and civic pride across the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. Think Big played a significant role in facilitating the construction of a new Entertainment and Sports Complex (ESC) in downtown Sacramento that will serve as a catalyst for the entire region. Think Big's latest effort is to bring Major League Soccer to Sacramento to help drive the development of an urban core in the Downtown Railyards, complete with a brand new stadium. Think Big Sacramento is a statement that Sacramento thinks big, acts big, and is big.

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City of Sacramento State of the City 2014

City of Sacramento State of the City
SPPF is the fiscal agent for Mayor Kevin Johnson’s 2016 State of the City event, which will take place on January 28, 2016. This community event will offer important updates by Mayor Kevin Johnson, detailing Sacramento’s economic, educational, and cultural developments, and what to look forward to from the City of Sacramento in 2016. The event is designed to celebrate, support and showcase Sacramento. All the net proceeds from the event are used for charitable and community activities or donated to other non-profit organizations.

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For Arts' Sake
For Art’s Sake is a regional arts initiative created to raise the profile of Sacramento's arts scene locally and nationally, establishing Sacramento as a major metropolitan destination while strengthening the local community. Its Creative Action Plan focuses on three goals to continue to transform the quality of the arts in our region: (1) strengthen cultural infrastructure; (2) improve access to the arts & arts education; and (3) invest in talent and the creative economy.


Solutions City
Solutions City is a partnership of employers, educators, and service organizations, led by Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Starbucks Coffee Company, and generously sponsored by JP Morgan Chase, to build career on-ramps for veterans and disengaged youth in the Greater Sacramento region. Mayor Johnson is building a coalition of employers who commit to hiring a specific number of veterans and/or opportunity youth for full-time, part-time and summer employment. Further, a coalition of educators and service organizations will recruit and manage the veterans and youth to prepare them for employability and match them with new opportunities.